My first year and second day at Burning Man, by fluke on a solitary walk, I came across Dissølv begining their set at the Opulent Temple. I looked at them in awe, whilst others danced and I watched a DJ, Live PA, Violinist and a guitarist perform live psydub, psybreaks against a pyramid backdrop illuminated by the last of the deserts sun.

I sat for at least an hour; engrossed by the magic, magic which was fuelled by the message. Then again; just as the sun rising behind the Temple of Transition that morning had shifted my conciousness and awareness for the first time in my life; the setting sun against a revolutionaries electronic/organic lament further altered my perspective and priorities. The Playa had fused; and birthed, Mya(maya), Fable, AppleCat, and Kayleigh(kali) in to one entity; harmonious and powerful; quiet and unignorable. A route to absolute self. Although I wasn’t aware of the right of passage at that moment.

Upon returning to my camp, all attempts to express what had just happened to me fell short, my time and experience was my own to hold; and my words were futile to explain them.

In peace I resigned myself to sleep; with thoughts of the moon against the sun; and my own duality blossoming in their in between.

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