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We are not now entering a shift, we are enduring it. Having been submerged for sometime now; Breathing it, feeling it and for the most part ignoring it; quite painfully.

Power without a container to guide us; exteriorizing in constructive and non constructive ways; ecstatic elation, deep sorrow, erratic anger, soulful pleasure, large bouts of artistic inspiration. All brought forth by our peaking subconscious awareness that something is changing inside of us all.
I am shooting philosophy in to the ether of the internet without any purpose or place; other than just gifting my mind; syphoning inspiration from external and internal advisers.

Nary a mentor in sight, not for the majority of us, and for what reason? Could it be that no one is up to that caliber, or perhaps we have shied ourselves away from any teaching unconventional; a society without sages, convincing themselves that it’s unnecessary. Like small children, refusing to admit their fatigue after midnight.

Ignoring deficiency, will only cause it to fester.

There has always been chaos in power, and our power is growing; we are at a standpoint in this world where we can save or destroy ourselves.
There is age in my disposition and with it comes stubborn will; sometimes detrimental to all aspects of self.
I for one have buried myself deep within the corridors of my minds landscape, upon a pedestal that refuses to give me freedom, struggles against me when I open my eyes; Because that is how I created it; to pamper my stubbornness; to keep me safe from transcendence.

Did I say a bad word there? A coined hippie word; one of many you’ve probably trained yourself not to adhere to because it’s soft new age appeal intimidates your postmodernistic apathy. Well let me rephrase using both languages. It’s time to fucking evolve bitches.

“I’m just one person, I am helpless, I’m scared, I’m not special – There will always be someone better at everything than me, so what is the point of even bothering to be extraordinary?”

Cut that bullshit out, because that’s exactly what it is; and you know this. What price does your comfort come at? How long will we continue to suck the comforting teet of unremarkable familiarity

It is blatantly phoney; this false parental, this armour it’s nothing but shackles. Binding us to the concept that; we are hopeless.
Find solace and understanding in your fear of vulnerability, then find strength in said vulnerability; this will give reason to let the softness be your power.
You are not safer in your segregation; you’re more susceptible to depression triggered by loneliness and stagnancy. Ping ponging between extreme egoism and self loathing doesn’t cater to any sort of uniqueness, it only makes you like every other lost soul. I know this because I am lost too, how could I not be? I live in the same world you do.

We mark our existence, in pinnacles of crisis. In the western world we are more familiar to the term Mid/Quarter life crisis than we are with any sort of right of passage; or initiation in to anything at all. At birth we are traumatically gifted from the world, and then gifted back to her in death. In between we have lost our understanding of points of ascension in life; post modern insecurity has left us saturated in shock value but unable to fathom true personal expansion.

So we are not taught how to be; as such we cannot treat our children or grand children how to be. We in unity, in community; are not weaker for needing that connection. We as a stronghold are the epitome of unconditional love; and as such unconquerable.

Metta or maitri in Sanskrit is the expression of loving-kindness, amity, friendship, close mental union with others. Essentially Metta is unconditional love. Metta is one of the ten virtues of the Theravada practice of Buddhism.
In the Theravadin Buddhist tradition, this practice begins first with the singular soul cultivating love for themselves, then one’s close connections, friends, strangers, enemies, and finally towards all sentient beings.

The word “Theravada” literally means “the Teaching of the Elders”.

What to do then?

It’s simple. We listen, we open ourselves to learning, We change, we stop swimming upstream and embrace the shift we are experiencing; together. We cultivate responsibility, we stop clinging to the security of weakness, we stop self medicating and realize what we are made for, our comprehendible potential and beyond:

We are Humans, in this carnation I am human; with everything we know and think we know as a whole and singularly, we are nothing short of ridiculously incredible creatures.
Scientifically it’s a phenomenon we even exist.
Our brains, our body language, the secrets we tell without uttering a word. All you have to do is pay attention. We are these fantastically intricate and advanced machines, just surging with dynamism

As children we are seers accumulating knowledge and imagination, As adults we are guardians, safe keepers and wanders; and later in life we become mentors, story tellers
Transcribing and remembering to keep our lineage strong. The lineage of humanity, told by the truest of trinities.
These stages of personal growth are not based on chronological aging; they are based on perpetual awareness; external and internal. They will not come; without acknowledgement and respect. Once acquired the mentioned three aspects of ourselves should never fade away, only make space, and harmony together.

Femininity or masculinity, yin or yang, darkness and light; it all exists within each of us, we need guidance to understand these transitions in life. We need to know that it’s okay to be a woman, okay to be a man, okay to be whatever heritage we hold and just okay to BE in general. The time of shame and division needs to be left behind. This is a lazy way of life and we are dying unnaturally because of it.

Define spirit, define your entity, with grace and confidence. Lead those front lines for this descent is something we must all face as we meet the edges of ourselves to build a better way.

mh 2013

Cover art credit: Art of Sunny Strasburg

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