“I like you”



Learning to love yourself is absolutely wonderful and quite well publicized in our era.

Love is, yes the most important part of life. To love yourself is to open endless routes of adoration both flowing from you; and to you.
A lesser advertised self and social affirmation is “liking”. To tell someone you like them, when in the past you have expressed love; can even be taken as an insult. Or rather a step-down.

Although there are many levels of love, lesser and extensive; “Like” is not strictly a stepping stone to love, and should be treated with an equal level of understanding and gratitude.

Love is solid; for some they fall in love and stay there easily, for others it takes more tenaciousness and time but they get there. Once true love is felt, like matter there is nothing that can nullify or invalidate it. We are witness to the genesis of something that becomes archaic. We are the guardians of love here to birth, protect and tend to it in it’s evolution. Only time can wash away our love; for lack of people still alive to remember that little integral piece of history existed; even then perhaps in someway it’s still there. That I have yet to understand or experience for myself, ask me again in a few millennia.

“Like” on the other hand; has ebb and flow. You can like someone, without necessarily loving them; and you can love someone, and really not like them very much in that moment. Like is a much more high maintenance feeling; like a plant or a pet it needs somewhat regular retention. It comes and goes as our love (or lack there of) evolves and twists before our eyes; it’s harmony when paired with love, can be magical but certainly not necessary.

To look at someone; whom you feel reverence for and say “Damn I like you”, is a prodigious compliment. Also it’s an outloud reminder to yourself of how amazing this person is, and why you choose to have them so intertwined in your life.

“I am so utterly in like with you” 

So when they say “Love your self” please do, please open those flood gates of love and let it surge in and let it cascade out. On another level though remember to “Like” yourself.
Be proud of yourself, enjoy your alone time, those who like themselves are rarely bored, and although loneliness can rear it’s ugly head; the self affirmation of liking ones self is a reminder that; “Yes I may be lonely now, but it won’t last”

“I am falling deep in like with myself”

mh 2013

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