My promise to you

(with love from AppleCat),

I will never act out less or more during a performance to conform to an idea of what I SHOULD be (but am not), I will never wear more or less clothing/attire to adhere to an image of something a culture states I should portray, I will never be less lady like than I feel, or project that femininity equals any sort of fucking meekness. I will never play a show where I feel the vibe or people are unethical or the inhabitants are in direct danger, I will dance with you always, I will never get so lost in myself/myart/my life that I forget I am there with you/for you/because of you. I will never forget you: but you may have to tell me your name a few times. I will never play music or create music I dislike; I will never compromise my artistic integrity and sense of self. I will never become stagnant or dull -although that may be a matter of opinion-.
I will never EVER bullshit you.

I WILL always be me, pure undiluted AppleCat -I feel I honestly have no choice in that matter-. I will sometimes be deep, broody and dark, sometimes silly, joyous and spunky; sometimes those two sides of me may fluctuate abruptly. I will never deviate TOO far from 140bmp (for long at least), and I will always bestow that deep sacral shattering bass that drips down from your temples to your toes; saturating your body with sound. Sometimes I will be social after a set, sometimes I will hide and perch in a corner somewhere. I will be as sexy as I feel regardless of who says I should be more or less; I will be me; cosmic carnal dragon kitty on the prowl; soft hearted beat weaving spider kitten curled up, depleted and satisfied. I will give you 99.99% of all that I can in the moment; that 00.01% only held back to keep me from breaking down completely. I will sacrifice myself to you the crowd; only to be reborn fiercer and more devote again and again.

This is my promise to you.

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