My promise to you

(with love from AppleCat), I will never act out less or more during a performance to conform to an idea of what I SHOULD be (but am not), I will never wear more or less clothing/attire to adhere to an image of something a culture states I should portray, I will never be less lady like than I feel, or project that femininity equals any sort of fucking meekness. I will never play a show where I feel the vibe or people are unethical or the inhabitants are in direct danger, I will dance with you always, I will never get so lost in myself/myart/my life that I forget I am there with you/for you/because of you. I will never forget you: but you may have to tell me your name a few times. I will never play music or create music I dislike; I will never compromise my artistic integrity and sense of self. I will never become stagnant or dull -although that may be a matter of opinion-. I will never EVER bullshit you. I WILL always be me, pure undiluted AppleCat -I feel I honestly have no choice in that matter-. I will sometimes be deep, broody and dark, sometimes silly, …

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Thoughts on Sacred Spaces (and new music!)


(precursor: check out the recording from the ever amazing tipper show!)

Why not take your spirit with you as you go? Why leave alters and shrines to designated architectural habitats; when you can create create sacred spaces everywhere you travel?

An altar is any structure upon which offerings such as sacrifices are made for religious/spiritual purposes. Altars are usually found at shrines, and they can be located in temples, churches and other places of worship.

These spaces represent us; humans apprehend their own being by making it visible in the appearances of their goddesses and gods. In our alters lay our fragmented stories; we represent a vision of ourselves; our sacrifices, our joy; our lives.

It is no surprise to most that I have darkness that hovers much more blantantly to my surface then my lightness…. Although if you were to take a gander at one of my shrines you would see sides of me that most take years to gain access to completely. Continue reading

New FAMEcast Vol. 2 Featuring AppleCat (hey thats me!)


FAMEcast Vol.2 – AppleCat – Hosted by Dani Lion by FAME Festival


As an annual music, dj culture and arts festival showcasing local, Canadian and global talent in the Electronic Dance Music industry, we aim to bring female talent into the spotlight by exhibiting community activities and performances that showcase the work of local artists and performers engaging with the wider visual arts scene in the Okanagan.

By incorporating activities and engaging patrons in workshops aimed at health and wellness as well as boosting self esteem and encouraging dignity and integrity in the female community, we hope to attract visitors and media interest from outside the region for the cultural, social and economic benefit of the artists and wider community.

Cut that out

  We are not now entering a shift, we are enduring it. Having been submerged for sometime now; Breathing it, feeling it and for the most part ignoring it; quite painfully. Power without a container to guide us; exteriorizing in constructive and non constructive ways; ecstatic elation, deep sorrow, erratic anger, soulful pleasure, large bouts of artistic inspiration. All brought forth by our peaking subconscious awareness that something is changing inside of us all. I am shooting philosophy in to the ether of the internet without any purpose or place; other than just gifting my mind; syphoning inspiration from external and internal advisers. Nary a mentor in sight, not for the majority of us, and for what reason? Could it be that no one is up to that caliber, or perhaps we have shied ourselves away from any teaching unconventional; a society without sages, convincing themselves that it’s unnecessary. Like small children, refusing to admit their fatigue after midnight. Ignoring deficiency, will only cause it to fester. There has always been chaos in power, and our power is growing; we are at a standpoint in this world where we can save or destroy ourselves. There is age in my disposition …

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Corner Pieces

There is a fine line between being an outsider and a leader; a revolutionary and a lone wolf. Four years ago I had a mystic tell me that my goal in life was to tear down walls and build bridges. Over the course of time I have noted how spot on she was; this attribute reigns true almost to a fault, an idiosyncrasy if you will. There is a stark Aloneness that can rear it’s head when one chooses to hold his/her thumb in many pies, so to speak. A non comital abundance of respect reverence and close acquaintances. The forlorn alienation is one that could only be understood by another visionary; if not received by a like minded soul; pretension and even arrogance could be assumed. “What are you talking about? Alone? You have people around you all the time!” The quintessential Aquarian mind; a deep love and philanthropy for people as a whole, but dislodging ones self from the vulnerable standpoint of intimacy. Coming off as; sometimes the complete opposite of what they are, or what they meant to portray. My blight is my choice and any lamentation of said ordeals are purely for therapeutic intention. I know myself …

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“I like you”

  Learning to love yourself is absolutely wonderful and quite well publicized in our era. Love is, yes the most important part of life. To love yourself is to open endless routes of adoration both flowing from you; and to you. A lesser advertised self and social affirmation is “liking”. To tell someone you like them, when in the past you have expressed love; can even be taken as an insult. Or rather a step-down. Although there are many levels of love, lesser and extensive; “Like” is not strictly a stepping stone to love, and should be treated with an equal level of understanding and gratitude. Love is solid; for some they fall in love and stay there easily, for others it takes more tenaciousness and time but they get there. Once true love is felt, like matter there is nothing that can nullify or invalidate it. We are witness to the genesis of something that becomes archaic. We are the guardians of love here to birth, protect and tend to it in it’s evolution. Only time can wash away our love; for lack of people still alive to remember that little integral piece of history existed; even then perhaps …

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Writers and artists can grant life; without an ending. Only to those that their passions flare with truth; with a sweltering flame; a breath exhaled by ancient beast; the greatest gift and the most tiresome of burdens. Some I have granted immortality without even the knowledge of my affection; for those few I have willingly adored; openly and free; love takes them beyond their god self; beyond immortality; beyond everything and beyond nothing. The places I hide away my heart; a treasure hunt without a map for reference; only my subtly and proposed or perhaps beseeched intuition to guide towards; each fragmented segment; each obsure pieceof a puzzle with no corners. Fragments I call them; parts that cause too much strain; parts of my heart too exhausting to keep together by my self. Called cold; or heartless in the past; when a dense mass of love has been expected; when my adoration is different; a landscape spanning opulent for miles; a colour unseen; not for lack of spectrum but for lack of willingness ~to see. I am here; geographically placed; Searching for the subtle remembrance of the sound of his heartbeat under my comforter and between my tangled bed sheets. Quiet in …

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My first year and second day at Burning Man, by fluke on a solitary walk, I came across Dissølv begining their set at the Opulent Temple. I looked at them in awe, whilst others danced and I watched a DJ, Live PA, Violinist and a guitarist perform live psydub, psybreaks against a pyramid backdrop illuminated by the last of the deserts sun. I sat for at least an hour; engrossed by the magic, magic which was fuelled by the message. Then again; just as the sun rising behind the Temple of Transition that morning had shifted my conciousness and awareness for the first time in my life; the setting sun against a revolutionaries electronic/organic lament further altered my perspective and priorities. The Playa had fused; and birthed, Mya(maya), Fable, AppleCat, and Kayleigh(kali) in to one entity; harmonious and powerful; quiet and unignorable. A route to absolute self. Although I wasn’t aware of the right of passage at that moment. Upon returning to my camp, all attempts to express what had just happened to me fell short, my time and experience was my own to hold; and my words were futile to explain them. In peace I resigned myself to sleep; …

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